Pictures from Boulder, Colorado

Note that most of the most recent pictures we've taken around Colorado are on the hiking page! The stuff below is a little old now...

Here are the newest pics (posted 6/11/2000)...

Wow, everything's so green, even without much rain lately! Here is a view looking south along the foothills of the Front Range from a trail near the mouth of Shadow Canyon (which works its way up between Bear Peak and South Boulder Peak). The "Mickey Mouse Cliffs" can be seen up to the right!

A nice little cactus flower on the trail...

Here's a view of the plains (south of Boulder) beyond some large red boulders that characterize this area on the slopes of the foothills.

These guys were fluttering around by a little stream that crossed the trail.

Here we're looking up at the foothills from the slopes south of Bear Peak. The rock formation you see in the center is called "The Matron."


Posted 12/13/1999...

We went snowshoeing recently to Brainard Lake, which is just north of Nederland (west of Boulder).

This is a view from Brainard Lake.

Scott Adams (not the Dilbert guy!) joined us...

The weekend before, we went snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here with Joanne is Bengt, a tough guy from Sweden.

This is the view above Emerald Lake. Getting here is a sneaker hike in the summer, but snowshoeing was more challenging! That's Hallet Peak on the left and Flat-Top Mountain on the right.

Here are some previous pictures (posted in April of 1999, just after we moved to Boulder):

I drove around the neighborhood (South Boulder) for a while to find an unobstructed view of Bear Peak. This can be seen pretty much from anywhere in Boulder. We hiked to the top recently (see pics below). The rock jutting up on the left side is "Devil's Thumb." We got a good view of the back of this on the hike. I took this and the next picture because it had just snowed, and we wanted to save it before it melted!

Here's a view of the "flatirons" the same day from NCAR. That's the front side of Green Mountain, which is just north of Bear Peak.

The next five pics are from a recent hike to two summits (South Boulder Peak and Bear Peak). The colors on the rocks were wonderful, as you can see here. It's pretty much red rock with green lichen.

Joanne is fiddling with her video camera on South Boulder Peak.

The view from South Boulder Peak to the west. The mountains in the distance are (I believe) the Indian Peaks.

The south end of Boulder from Bear Peak.

The colorful Devil's Thumb!

These pictures were taken shortly after moving to Boulder with Joanne's TRV-900 digital video camera in still ("progressive scan") mode. Click on the small pictures to see the real thing!

Here's the front of our apartment! Our unit is on the right side of the main building (the higher one). There's a basement apartment below ours that you really can't see.
This is a view from out in front of the apartment toward the mountains to the west. They are fairly close, and these are the foothills of the "Front Range" of the Rockies.
When it snows here, everything can go from spring-like to a winter wonderland. This is a view out our back window the morning after the first real snow.
The snow often melts pretty quickly in the low-lands. This is a view from the office down at my Jeep and Joanne's Bug by mid-day.
As you can see, a few days later the view out the back of our place has turned back to its winter gold/brown color. This area in back is called "open space." The government owns it, so it is kept free of construction. This is looking southeast, and we are near the southern end of Boulder.
The office is now feeling lived-in. The computer on the left is my work machine. The machine on the right is my personal one. The machine to the lower left just behind the seat of the desk chair is the network server that hosts this web page!
Here's a closer look at my personal machine on the corner computer table I just built recently. Tables are expensive, and it's hard to find the right height, so hey, building one was the way to go.
The view from the office isn't too bad! This is the day after it snowed, and the sky is still a bit blustery. This is looking toward the northwest.
Another view from the office. Here the sky has cleared and you can see the tip of Longs Peak (a 14'er - that's over 14,000 feet) rising over the lower mountains of the foothills.
I drove down the highway 2 or 3 miles toward Denver and stopped at a high point to take some pictures back towards Boulder. This is a nice view of Longs Peak.
From the same high point you can see the snowy mountain range beyond the foothills. It really is breaktaking! Southern Boulder is in the valley below. I'm not sure if our place is in this picture or not.
Another view to the right of the above view (looking northwest). Longs Peak is on the right.

And now for a little fantasy...

Here's what I wish my office looked like. Thanks to Peter McAuley at SynaPix for mocking up this dream!