The Wedding Day
The Ceremony

The clouds covered up the sun for a while, but that was a good thing, since it was July and could have been unbearably hot outside sitting in the sun.

Joe and I walked down the aisle together. He really looked good! My attendants and the groomsmen had entered the ceremony area from the sides. Joe's parents had walked up the aisle together, then my parents, then us.

Anthony opened the ceremony by saying he was thankful he didn't have to perform the ceremony by jumping out of a plane. That broke everyone up and seemed to set a lighter mood, which was great. I don't really remember what else he said, or the order of it, but it was beautiful.  We lit a unity candle, which I really didn't want to do because I was afraid the light would go out (it didn't), and we lit candles to represent people who were not there physically, but there in spirit.

After Anthony spoke, Jenifer stood up and talked about Joe and me. She was cracking people up, although, again, I don't remember exactly what she said!

After Jenifer sat down, my cousin Maria got up and read a beautiful poem. 

Then it was Hiroto's turn. I'd never seen Hiroto speak in public before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. He was funny too! Now I wish we had spent the extra $$$ on videography! Oh well.

I held onto my bouquet until it was time for the vows and the ring. Laurie had been standing on the end holding the ring I was to give to Joe, and it passed down the line so that my friends and my sister, representing all my friends and family, had to touch it. I got the ring from Erin and spoke my vows.  I even looked right into Joe's eyes once or twice and didn't break down! I was doing good! 

Then Joe got the ring and said his vows-without looking at any paper!! Boy, was I surprised! And fighting back tears? Yeah, he really gets to me. When he put the ring on my finger, he took a deep breath and said "Now I'm done!" and everyone burst out laughing! At some point Anthony told us we could kiss, which we did, then we walked down the aisle to the theme song from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" soundtrack.