Joe and Joanne's Wedding
July 26, 1998

Update - 10th Anniversary

Hi, this is Joanne!  This is the story of my wedding, peppered with tips, and plenty of pictures.  I talk about what was going through my head, as well as hoping to help future brides out with their up-coming weddings.

Here are some websites I found helpful to make my wedding meaningful, special, and not put me into debt!  I got some ideas on what I wanted to do, and what I definitely did NOT want to do!
    I've had several friends ask me questions about weddings before and after my own wedding, and have gotten positive feedback on my advice.  So if you want to e-mail me questions of your own, I'm at:

So check out the site...I hope you enjoy it!

Engagement Vows
Day before wedding Reception
  The wedding program   Photo Album
  Right before ceremony Tips
  Ceremony   Down and dirty facts


        Here are some awards that I've won - pretty cool!

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