(Hopefully) Helpful Tips

These tips come from my experience of handling a lot of stuff myself, so if you're having a hall do everything, like some kind of wedding package, you probably won't need all these tips, but you might find something useful here.  This is also aimed a lot at short engagements, like mine.  (No, I wasn't pregnant, for those curious people!)

TIP:  If you even THINK you are going to get engaged, and think it may be a short engagement (6 months or less), try thinking about what kind of dress you would want to wear NOW.  That way you spend less time trying on a thousand dresses since you already have an idea of what you want.
TIP:  When you get engaged, if you possibly can hold it in, don't tell anyone for 24 hours.  Share this time with your special someone.  The moment the news gets out, it will feel like a tidal wave is being created.  The momentum is incredible!
TIP:  Right after you get engaged, no matter how crazy your special someone thinks you are to do this so soon, the two of you should sit down and make a preliminary guest list.  That will be the foundation of how large (and expensive) your wedding will be.
TIP: Do not spend a lot of money on a hotel/motel/inn for your wedding night unless you plan to spend a lot of time there. You will be tired at the end of the day, especially if it's a later wedding. Get a nice place, but just don't spend a lot more than you normally would, okay?
TIP: Arrange with someone before your wedding day (whether the maid of honor, the wedding consultant, someone) to set up everything how you want it. Walk through the hall with that person and say "I would like this here, and that there" etc. There is NO WAY you are going to be able to do it yourself as the bride.
TIP: Figure out all the picture arrangements you would like to have, and everyone who is going to be in them, and in which order they will be taken BEFORE the wedding. Tell your photographer ahead of time. It wouldn't hurt to have someone else know this as well (the coordinator, a friend) who can round people up while the photographer is doing his/her job - taking the pictures. Otherwise, you, the bride, are the one yelling for people to get in the group - not a pretty sight, and something you just shouldn't have to deal with then.
TIP: Drink lots of water! No matter what time of year you have your ceremony, you will be so busy, and probably tired, that you will become dehydrated, thus losing more energy and become a wilting bride. Have some champagne and drinks if you want, but do not forget the water.
TIP: If possible, choose a relative or close friend to make sure you get a chance to spend time with everyone at the wedding by giving them something like a list of names, or having them ask you "Who have you not talked with?". At an assigned seating wedding it's easier to see everyone by making your round of tables. At a wedding like ours where people were everywhere all the time, it's easy to miss someone. People are always coming up to you to take you somewhere, or ask you questions, and if there are people you've invited who don't feel comfortable coming to you (they may think you are busy) you need to make sure you can go to them.