The Wedding of Joanne Burke and Joseph Peterson

July 26, 1998

Processional - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. John Burke

Joanne Burke and Joe Peterson

Greeting - Reverend Anthony Rossetti

Candle Lighting

First Testimonial - Jenifer Cosgrove

Poem Reading - Maria Hecht

Second Testimonial - Hiroto Shibuya

The Blessing - Reverend Anthony Rossetti

The Passing of the Rings

Declaration of Vows


Reception Line to immediately follow

The Bride - Joanne is known as the computer/e-mail goddess in her office, which she is leaving for a 3 month honeymoon. She has a background in theatre and dance, and loves being outdoors. She and her sister agree she would have been a great flower child in the 60's.

The Groom - Joe is into 3D computer graphics, the Internet, creative writing (for fun, of course!), and many outdoor activities. Joe met Joanne at the drop zone, where they both spent much of their free time jumping out of airplanes. They also "dove" into SCUBA together a few years ago. He's joining Joanne in their three month low-tech USA tour (but of course they'll have a laptop for e-mail!).

The Bride's Side

Jenifer Cosgrove - Joanne's oldest friend, and awesome mom, she is now a new nurse!

Allison Lynch -Another close friend for a long time, occupational therapist, and bigtime hiker, she will hold the flowers.

Laurie Vasily - Yet another of Joanne's longtime friends, former Peace Corps member, and Ph. D contender at Joe's alma mater (Cornell), she will carry the ring.

Erin Burke - Joanne's l'il sis, and rockin' L.A. woman, she will hand the ring to Joanne to give to Joe.

Maria Hecht - Cousin and South End neighbor, Maria did the invitations (thanks Maria!). 


The Groom's Side Lew "Sazuwaziool" Miller - Rock climber and King of Squam Lake, Lew was the first guy Joe met after moving to the Boston area. He'll be handing Joe the ring to give to Joanne.

Shawn "Chili" McDermott - Avid golfer and Steely Dan fan, Shawn is master "nickname fabricator." He will hold the ring.

Hiroto "H-man" Shibuya - Fellow skydiver, networking guru, and family man, Hiroto knew both Joanne and Joe from the beginning.

Warren "Roach" Wagner - As well as being an important part of Joe's Hacky-Sack skill development and taste in music, Warren is an avid mountain biker and networking wiz.

The Honeymoon

Joanne and Joe decided to take a three month hiatus from their jobs and everyday life and trek across the country in Joe's beloved Jeep "TJ" Wrangler (Joanne couldn't find a VW Bus available). They will be hiking, skydiving, camping, visiting friends and relatives, and just contemplating life during the trip. You'll be able to follow their progress and experiences on the Web:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our friends and family, for sharing this special day with us. Through your support and encouragement throughout our lives, we were able to grow to be who we are today and to ultimately find each other.

--Joe and Joanne